posted on: Saturday, 14 January 2012

 'smushi' at the The Royal Cafe.
 delightful dinners.
 first snaps.
 old friends.

 afternoon coffee and treats.
The past week I've had a friend visiting from Canada, and in the process of showing her the sights have had ample time to snap a few photos of our activities, which, judging by my photos is mainly eating. Showing my new home to some one else is a perfect opportunity to explore a bit more on my own. Over the next few days we are off to Stockholm to explore, have a couple glasses of wine and perhaps indulge in some of those famous swedish meatballs.

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  2. Your photographs make me hungry. Nice haircut - kind of high and messy bun, I really like it.

  3. This all looks delightful! Eating is the best part of travelling, anyway. It was so nice to hang out with you guys for a bit. And that cheese plate...mmm.

    Where is the place with all the little bowls? It looks like bananas in one, but there's also a plate of Danish food? So confusing!

  4. That looks amazing, looks like you're having a wonderful time with your friend! And so funny about Peter, small world is right!

    Alexandra xo


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